Corporate relations

Eventiplier - Smart Event Promotions is part of the group of companies of Ticket BG Ltd.

Our group of companies offers all the services necessary for the successful promotion and holding of events of any type. Our mission is to change the way we advertise events worldwide by providing a consolidated solution for ticketing, advertising, analysis and process management through a single administrative panel.

Solving this huge problem (Working with different software for different aspects of the cycle of an event) we want to bite off a serious bite of the Event and MICE industry, valued by 2018 at over 1 Trillion dollars.

Aliedmarketresearch's survey on the industry envisage doubling the market volume in the next 10 years. Sounds exciting doesn't it?

Our company has gone through the Proof of concept stage here in Bulgaria where we've became the 3rd biggest ticket selling company and the biggest event promotion agency for less than 2 years in the middle of the Covid 19 crysis and we now feel ready to take the next step - international expansion in order to become a global company by 2023 and organize an IPO in 2025.

If you want to learn more about the exciting opportunity to become our partner in this endeavor, contact us at to send you more details.